AMD Phenom II vs Intel i7 in comparison

Posted: August 31, 2011 in PC and Notebook
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The competition is intense in between, AMD Phenom II vs Intel i7, both latest processors within the marketplace these days. Let us know a lot more about them in the post below.
If you’re conscious concerning the newest buzz in the field of computers you have to understand about the most recent processors on the market these days. Before people move to the processors, let us know about world’s two main processor developing companies, that are AMD and Intel. Without any doubt, in terms of Intel and AMD processor comparison, Intel is much more well-liked and has high sales figures. The AMD Phenom II X6 may be the newest processor of AMD and the Core i7 is the most recent from Intel’s factory. On this article, we will try to learn which one proves to be the best and the fastest of between AMD Phenom II vs Intel i7.

Review of AMD Phenom II X6

AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) is an American multinational company which manufactures pc processor chips and related computer peripherals. AMD has been about for a long time creating truly good processors. Couple of of one of the most employed AMD processors were AMD Athlon, AMD Sempron, and the most recent becoming the AMD Phenom II. The fresh breed of AMD Phenom II processors are quicker and meaner. These are multicore processor chips which are very best for advanced multi-tasking performance, are power efficient and supply exceptional high quality visuals.

So, what is Phenom II X6 produced of. Nicely, it really is AMD’s first 6-core processor and it really is an option for Intel’s i7. It’s a 45nm chip, with clock speeds of minimum 3.two GHz and maximum three.6GHz. Different trials has been completed to check if it is every better than its predecessor which was AMD’s four-core processor AMD Phenom II X4. Finally it was found out that the new Phenom II X6 utilizes the same 6MB L3 Cache, just like the Phenom II X4. But then, given that Phenom II X6 has got two additional cores it certainly makes a difference. And it was found out that the chip is definitely faster and effective for multi-core/threads application.

Review of Intel i7 Processor

Intel Company is also an American multinational business which are most well-known to their globe category processors. Intel chipsets can be located in most of the personal computers. They create most well-liked and most used personal computer processors. Intel was a hit given that the starting when it up and running selling variety of well-liked processors like Intel Pentium, Celeron, Dual Core, Core two Duo. And also the latest being, Intel’s iCore processors.

Intel features its Core i3, i5 and i7 processors in the iCore series. The Core i7 is the fastest amongst them. It utilizes 8MB of Intel’s Smart Cache, with 12MB from L3 Cache there are got the capacity of processing 8 threads. There are lots of various versions of the Core i7 processors out in the market. It’s amongst greatest computer processors.

Comparison of AMD Phenom II X6 vs Intel i7

Let us make a short comparison in between AMD Phenom II vs Intel i7. We now know what are the technical specifications of these two top processors. Let us make out few more comparisons among AMD Phenom II vs Intel i7. The Phenom II X6 uses 6MB of L3 Cache whereas the top version of Intel i7 970 makes use of 12MB, whereas other versions of i7 processor makes use of 8MB of L3 Cache. AMD has tried hard to obtain the best of the best looking at the stable and in reality it is, then again it does not overpower the strength of Intel’s i7. Clearly it can be seen this Intel’s i7 is a little a lot more quicker than its AMD counterpart.

The only location where AMD leaves behind Intel, is the cost. Intel’s i7 is faster and meaner however it comes down using a price too. It really is priced at approx. $300. Discussing AMD the Phenom II X6, it’s priced at around. $200. If your use is not detailed and extreme, I feel it is wise to save on $100 which is a substantial amount, and get the AMD Phenom II X6 for that cost. Of course, a little bargain is needed over here, but then the compromise isn’t significant. AMD vs Intel chip comparison is needed just before you strategy to buy a computer.

Hope, with the comparison given above you now can decide for your self that is much better – AMD or Intel. In summary in brief, If we were to do an evaluation between AMD Phenom II vs Intel i7, statistically, Intel is most well-known and very utilized. AMD products are great to make use of and comparatively lower costly, but then nonetheless Intel goods rule the marketplace. It is not that there are no buyers of AMD, you can find of course, products numbers are comparatively much less. Nevertheless, gradually, we are able to see more acceptance of AMD these days, due to their high quality devices at very cheap prices


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